Okay! Let's do this! OBASSO is professional in packaging design, website design, and printing production, "Okay! Let's do this!" Is OBASSO's self-request, and it is also a word I expect to hear from you! OBASSO believes that the design is never stopping, and in the process of growing up with you, handing over works that you and I like, the smile that can't help but lift up slightly at the corner of the mouth is OBASSO's biggest touch!

OBASSO takes brand recognition as the core and is good at packaging design such as color boxes, paper bags, labels, and graphic design such as LOGO, DM, name card…etc.We interpreting the brand spirit with images, which is the design concept that OBASSO is proud of.。

The website we designed is not sloppy, but focusing on brand image, paying attention to search ranking with an affordable price. Integrating beautiful, usable and suitable system architecture is a good website.

OBASSO team has a senior printing technology background, and now also has complete small amount production equipment. A good design requires a good process planning to produce good packaging and good prints.。

Guan Nan Juice Bottle Label Design

Hologram Hot Stamping Desing

PLAY PLUS International Business Card Design

Thick Card Printing

Packaging Design of Sturgeon Caviar

Cold Stamping Label

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